Friday, October 14, 2005

Daily sketchbook #009

Anatomy .....

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Filling your Ipod | Dutch edition

Here are some free -Dutch- audiobooks for download:
* Dutch publisher Nieuw Amsterdam has put the fresh new book 'Roes' from Dutch author Carla Bogaards online
* Dutch TV-sation VPRO has several audiobooks online. Vonne van der Meer, Thomas Rosenboom and Wim de Bie. You can find them here

Daily sketchbook #008

Sketch from a trip to Dutch themepark "De Efteling"

Apple introduced new Ipod Video

Variously called “iPod with video” (Apple technical support), the “fifth-generation iPod” (Apple public relations) or “the white iPod” (Apple CEO Steve Jobs), the new iPod is at first glance very similar in size and shape to its predecessors. Retaining its predecessor’s footprint of 4.1 x 2.4 inches, it doesn’t make a “wow, that’s small” initial impression until you see it from the side. Instead, you’re drawn to its flat face, different-than-before proportions of screen and controls, and its two body colors. In fact, the new iPod will be available next week in four total flavors
source: Ipodlounge
Also check here the official Apple Ipod page

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Daily sketchbook #007

some Leonardo studies

Cool Ipod gadget

Wanna-have! Wanna-have! Cool gadget for connecting your Ipod to your car-hifi system! Ice-link The ultimate car integration kit for your iPod...The ice>Link plays high quality music from your iPod. There is no longer a need for cassette adapters, cigarette lighter chargers. You can start enjoying crisp, clean quality music with charging and iPod control from your existing car entertainment system.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Daily sketchbook #006

Filling your Ipod

Here are some audiobooks:
Sun Tzu - The art of War (narrator: Ron Silver)
Miyamoto Musashi - The book of 5 Rings (translated by Victor Harris)
LOTR I - Fellowship of the ring
LOTR II - The Two Towers
LOTR III - Return of the King
The Complete Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy - Full 5 series of the BBC adaptation
Many Sherlock Holmes Radio shows

Paperfold Ipod

Always want more? Do you have a 4th gen clickweel and wanna have a 2nd gen also. Or want to brag about you new nano? Here's the solution: Paper fold IpodsPrint, cut, glue and show off with your new gadget. Tip: print a list of your whole MP3 collection, fold it and store it in the folded Ipod. Earplugs not included, so be creative with a pice of white thread and some white clay to fabricate some fancy ones.

Testing with picasa

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well, it works: picture uploaded with Picasa

Monday, October 10, 2005

Now reading

Originally published in 1996, this is both an intellectual history of ancient Egypt and an exploration in which "the course of events forms the backdrop and the discourses generating and reflecting meaning occupy the front of the stage." In other words, here's a book about history and how it's made and interpreted as much as it is about Egypt. Assmann's dense and scholarly tome draws on a wide variety of sources, from literature and archeology to iconography, to trace a portrait of Egyptian civilization from 5000 B.C.E. to the beginnings of Christianity. It has no central thesis, as such, but examines a fascinating array of material, some of it well known (Piye's victory stele) and some of it more obscure (a wide variety of hymns and literary lamentations). The translation is by and large excellent, and yet the book is still rather difficult to wade through. The author's preoccupation with theory may trouble readers who are accustomed to a more narrative presentation; his application of the concept of Cosmotheism is traditional, for example, and so the introduction of terminology like Cosmohermeneutics seems to complicate things unnecessarily. Assmann (Moses the Egyptian; The Search for God in Ancient Egypt) is a distinguished Egyptologist, and this book will appeal greatly to the field's academics and professionals, as well as seriously dedicated Egyptophiles. Unfortunately, one of the major attractions in any publication on ancient Egypt is absent good photographs of the culture's spectacular legacy in art (there are only eight illustrations). There are, however, endnotes, a basic chronology, and a useful key to the Egyptian gods.
From Publishers Weekly

Daily sketchbook #005

short trip to Rotterdam

Skyline of Rotterdam with Euromast. View from STC-building