Saturday, January 21, 2006

Photography | Old harbour-crane

Friday, January 20, 2006

Retro | C= 64 games online

After my post about some classic arcade games online now another retro-post. Play classic Commodore 64 games online on this site. Forget your to-do list and other work and play for hours classics like Impossible Mission, Paperboy and many others. Real fanatics use a C= 64 emulator for full screen experience ;) Game disks for emulators can be found here. Another great C= 64 resource site is Lemon64

Software | Flyakite OSX version 3

Flyakite released a new version of their OSX theme pack for Windows XP.
If you want to have a slick OSX version of your XP desktop this download is a must. You can find the package on their -very cool designed- site.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Software | Blogging from Konfabulator

The previous post was made with a small konfabulator widget
When you want to use the widget the mail to blogger feature must be activated in your Blogger account. The widget is only for Windows.


test posting from widget

Cool Site | Game Oldies

Play some classic games now online on Game Oldies! Classic Arcade games, NES, Gameboy they got it. No Emulator is needed, only the Java engine. PS ... an alternative to play classic Arcade games is MAME. MAME is the ultimate arcade emulator. To play the games you also need the game roms. A MAME emulator for Mac can be found here.