Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cool | IpodMame - retrogaming on your Ipod

This is extremely cool. An Mame-port for your -hacked- Ipod. You have to installl Linus on your Ipod, so do it at your own risk. But playing the old Arcade games on your Ipod is cool.
More info on IpodMame here. Is Mame a complete black-hole for you? Then check here what Mame is. Frontends for Mame on PC here and Mac here.

Fonts | Nice collection of ornamental fonts

On Type Oasis from Moorstation Check here

Monday, March 06, 2006

Software | Ipod -> Folder

A very clever and handy tool to backup you Ipod to HD ... or to folder on other Ipod. Mac and Win. Download it here.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Photography | Cathedral of Gent II

Another shot from the Gent Cathedral. Used different angle on the arc and other whitepoint-setting.


Ebook | Codex Madrid I - Leonardo da Vinci

Madrid Codex I,
184 folios (8 missing, perhaps from the time of Leonardo), 21 x 15 cm.
These folios were compiled during the years 1490 to 1499, with additions up to 1508. Drawings of machines of various types, including clocks, fill the first part of the codex, while the second is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci’s studies of theoretical mechanics. Get Madrid Codex I in PDF here. It's quite a hefty download. I'm trying to find all the Codices in digital fvormat, updates on links folow when I find them.